Unique Tinnitus Requires Unique Treatment

Patient-Tailored Tinnitus Therapy That Works

The Levo Solution gives you a method to easily map, track, and treat your patient’s Tinnitus. The Levo Manager is an assessment tool to use side-by-side with your patients to identify their unique tinnitus sounds. You then create a personalized sound therapy and track patient improvement over time. Most patients see improvements within 1-3 months.

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High-fidelity earbuds deliver custom therapy while patients sleep.


Patients track and share progress right from their Levo device.


Personalized, Neuroscience-Based Therapy Delivered During Sleep

Neuroscience Based Therapy

Leveraging the cognitive abilities of the brain, the Levo Solution relieves the symptoms of tinnitus through the process of neural habituation.

Personalized Sound Print Assessment

Like no two fingerprints are the same, no two people have the same tinnitus sound. Use the Levo System to identify, map, and create the therapy to match the patient’s unique sound print.

Therapy During Sleep

By listening to the personalized therapy nightly while sleeping, the brain naturally learns to ignore the perceived sound of tinnitus, diminishing its impact over time.

“In terms of Tinnitus treatment, Levo far exceeds any other treatment we have ever used. We wholeheartedly recommend the Levo solution!”

– Jimmy Stewart BC-HIS, CDP

Improve the Quality of Life for Your Patients

Developed by an international team of world-class neuroscientists, clinicians, business professionals, and patients, our FDA-cleared patented technology and sound therapy system is convenient and efficient. A medical device solution built around a patented personal sound therapy that leverages the brain’s natural ability to diminish the effects of tinnitus over time through neural habituation.

The Levo System is an FDA-cleared medical device that provides patients a patented personal sound therapy which through neural habituation leverages the cognitive abilities of the brain to reduce the symptoms of their tinnitus and improve the quality of a patient’s daily life.

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