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Purpose-built to leverage the brain’s natural ability to learn and heal, the Levo System is an interactive and easy-to-use tool that empowers you to take charge of your tinnitus. Find out if the Levo system is right for you.

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Where Revolutionary Medical Research and Technology Come Together

Developed by an international team of world-class neuroscientists, clinicians, business professionals, and patients, our FDA-cleared patented technology and sound therapy system is convenient and efficient, giving you the freedom to live your life fully, without disruption.

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Neuroscience Based Therapy

Leveraging the cognitive abilities of the brain, Levo relieves the symptoms of tinnitus through the process of neural habituation.

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Your Personal Sound Print

Like no two fingerprints are the same, no two people have the same tinnitus sound. Use the Levo System to identify, map, and create your unique sound print.

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Therapy During Sleep

By listening to your sound print nightly while sleeping, your brain naturally learns to ignore the perceived sound of tinnitus, diminishing its impact over time.

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“I’m engaged with family and I’m enjoying life”

Relief in the First Few Weeks

An independent study published featuring the Levo System found that all patients in the study saw improvements within the first three weeks of therapy. In fact, three of the eleven patients in this particular study experienced periods of total silence.

After only three months of treatment, another study found that patients experienced an average reduction of perceived tinnitus sound by 62%! This was accompanied by an average Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) decrease of 77%.

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Imagine a world where your tinnitus is less loud, less distracting, and less irritating as it is right now. A world where you can read peacefully, watch your favorite movie intently, and sleep soundly. We partner with audiologists and healthcare providers across the United States.

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You’re Not Alone

Tinnitus is very real. In fact, it affects one in five people and is the leading service-connected disability for veterans. And it can be debilitating. That incessant ringing, buzzing, humming (or any kind of sound) can negatively impact your health and quality of life. It’s not unusual for sufferers of tinnitus to also be suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia or other sleep disorders, and distraction.

We know firsthand that “learning to live with it” is not an acceptable solution.

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