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What’s the Difference Between Tinnitus & Hyperacusis?

What’s the Difference Between Tinnitus & Hyperacusis?

There's a clear distinction between tinnitus and hyperacusis. The former is a condition in which people hear phantom noises in their ears. Hyperacusis, on the other hand, is a disorder in which a person has an intense oversensitivity to sound. However, these two...

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Tinnitus Habituation Overview + Successful Techniques

Tinnitus Habituation Overview + Successful Techniques

Tinnitus, a condition in which a person hears a phantom sound, is incredibly common. An estimated 30% of people worldwide will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives. But, this doesn’t mean they have to simply accept their fates. While pervasive, tinnitus...

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Most Common Tinnitus Causes, Symptoms & Signs

Most Common Tinnitus Causes, Symptoms & Signs

It’s estimated that almost 15% of Americans — that’s close to 50 million people — have experienced some form of tinnitus in their lifetime. That’s a lot of people dealing with tinnitus, a condition in which one hears an auditory hallucination in one or both ears when...

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Customized Sound Therapy During Sleep:

An Optimal Pathway to Care for Patients Suffering from Tinnitus

Veterans Administration Study

Randomized Controlled Trial of a Novel Device for Tinnitus Sound Therapy During Sleep

International Tinnitus Journal Study

Tinnitus Treatment with Sound Stimulation During Sleep

International Journal of Audiology

Impact of reduction of tinnitus intensity on patients’ quality of life

The Levo System is an FDA-cleared medical device that provides patients a patented personal sound therapy which through neural habituation leverages the cognitive abilities of the brain to reduce the symptoms of their tinnitus and improve the quality of a patient’s daily life.

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