The Levo System | Innovative FDA Cleared Tinnitus Solution

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The Levo System

Your tinnitus is unique to you. A personalized sound therapy
can give you long-term relief of your tinnitus symptoms.

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Tinnitus Relief While You Sleep

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The Levo System is an FDA-cleared medical device for overnight use with purpose-built high fidelity earbuds, designed to ensure comfort while you sleep.

It’s a user-friendly software on a provided Apple iPod Touch. Paired with a built-in assessment tool where you track and share your individualized progress with your audiologist, you’ll be able to determine adjustments to the personalized sound therapy over time.

The Levo System was developed by an international team of world–class neuroscientists, clinicians, business professionals and patients. Created to provide you long-term relief from your tinnitus when used nightly, consistently, for three months (then as needed, for maximum results).

What Makes The Levo System Unique

Convenient Use

Levo is designed specifically for use at night while you sleep, it won’t interfere with your need for hearing aids during the day. Levo can be added to your nightly routine to actually reduce your tinnitus symptoms over time.

Personalized For You

Unlike traditional sound maskers and sound generators, our smart technology can identify the unique tinnitus sound that meets your exact needs to deliver safe and effective therapy to help you relieve your tinnitus symptoms.


Levo is an FDA-cleared medical device for tinnitus relief, so you can rest assured that you are investing in a proven innovative medical technology that has shown to reduce tinnitus symptoms and improve quality of life.

Advanced Analytics to Track Progress

When you choose the Levo System, you will gain immediate access to advanced technology, analytics, and real-time data to track your use and response to therapy over time, giving you and your audiologist even better control.

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The Levo System Features

An independent study published featuring the Levo System found that all patients in the study saw improvements within the first three weeks of therapy. In fact, three of the eleven patients in this particular study experienced periods of total silence.

1. Easy to Use Device

Light-weight Apple device with Levo’s patented and proprietary software solution.

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levo comfortable high fidelity earbuds

2. Comfortable High Fidelity Earbuds

These earbuds were designed to ensure maximum comfort during sleep by allowing for optimal positioning and controlled delivery of a patented personal sound therapy.

3. Built-in Assessment Tool

Easily track your progress within seconds with our built-in assessment tool, which provides valuable insight for you and your audiologist.

levo manager built in assessment tool for checking progress


We were looking for a way to help our tinnitus patients for years and quite frankly had given up. Most treatments offered little to no benefit. My partner and I were skeptical to say the least when we were introduced to the Levo system.

The basic principle of habituation made sense to us so we decided to move forward with offering it to our patients. I was impressed that they sent a representative to our practice to provide us with all the training we needed in person.

The Levo system has exceeded our expectations. A number of patients have experienced significant, life changing reduction in their tinnitus. Others have had a moderate reduction and a few experienced little or no relief. In terms of tinnitus treatment, that far exceeds any other treatment we have ever used. We wholeheartedly recommend the Levo system and look forward to seeing what further innovations from them are in the future.

-Jimmy Stewart BC-HIS, CDP

What Makes Sleep Therapy More Effective in Relieving Tinnitus?


Your brain is especially responsive to habituation while you sleep – one of the basic forms of learning, where you “get used to” a sensory input. It’s a heightened time of reorganization for your brain that leverages your natural ability to diminish the effects of tinnitus over time, selectively removing unnecessary bits of information (your tinnitus sound) and prioritizing new information to lock in learning and memory.

Less Unnecessary Stimulation

Other bimodal stimulation devices that promote tinnitus therapy during the day are doing so while your brain is distracted by other stimuli, which may not be as effective in relieving symptoms long-term. Those types of therapies may also interfere with daytime activities, which make it harder to fit them into your lifestyle, making true tinnitus relief feel elusive.

Improve Overall Sleep Quality

Sleep disorders are a common, debilitating side effect of tinnitus, which oftentimes leads to anxiety and depression. A published study featuring the Levo system found that quality of sleep was improved for those that previously suffered from a sleep disorder, and improvements in sleep quality led to increased tolerance of tinnitus symptoms. 

You know, too well, that incessant and bothersome tinnitus is the last thing you want getting in the way of the life you want to lead. Whether you’re watching the game with some friends or hosting a family movie night, your tinnitus is always there, disrupting your day-to-day life, and distracting you from these quality moments with those you love.

The Levo System aims to reduce this impact, giving you the power to dramatically reduce the way tinnitus shows up in your everyday life, without having to adapt anything other than your normal nightly routine. 

Improve the Quality of Your Life Today with Levo.

It’s Easy to Get Started.

1. Make an Appointment

We will assist you in scheduling an appointment and finding a perfect match with a Levo Preferred Provider in your area to make this process as smooth as possible for you.

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african american audiologist talking to an asian male patient about how the ear works

2. First Appointment – Assessment

During the first assessment, you can expect to discuss your therapy options with your audiologist. They will conduct a tinnitus Sound Match assessment through a series of activities, giving you the means to understand and demonstrate to others the sound you live with.

3. Second Appointment – Initiate Therapy

If the Levo system is right for you, you will receive your Levo Patient System during this appointment, and your personalized sound therapy will be transferred to your device.

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4. Therapy

During the course of your recommended three month nightly ongoing therapy, you will have follow-up appointments with your Levo Provider to periodically assess your progress and make any adjustments to therapy as needed.

While there are no cures currently for tinnitus, the Levo System has been shown to reduce one’s symptoms and improve the quality of a patient’s daily life. During a study conducted featuring the Levo system, patients showed a reduction in tinnitus intensity over time, and patients saw improvements within the first three weeks of therapy.

The term “learn to live with it” is not an acceptable solution.

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