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The Levo System for Your Tinnitus Sufferers

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The Levo Manager is a tinnitus assessment tool to utilize with your patients during their consultation and to use side-by-side with your patients to identify and map their unique tinnitus sounds so that you can create a personalized sound therapy, and track patient improvement over time. The Levo Manager includes an Apple iPad pre-installed with proprietary Levo Manager software.

Patient Process
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Initial Assessment: Tinnitus assessment utilizing the Levo Manager to conduct TFI Assessment and Tinnitus Sound Match. Discuss options with the patient and recommendations if Levo is a suitable option for them.

Patient Fitting: Once patient device is received, schedule a follow-up appointment to transfer Levo therapy to patient device.

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Follow-up Appointments: Periodic follow-up appointments to assess progress and make adjustments to the personalized sound therapy as needed. Therapy is intended for 90 nights of consecutive use initially and then as needed.

What Makes The Levo System Unique?

A medical device solution built around a patented personal sound therapy with purpose-built high-fidelity earbuds that leverages the brain’s natural ability to diminish the effects of tinnitus over time through neural habituation.Unlike traditional maskers or sound generators, only the Levo System:

Unlike traditional maskers and/or sound generators, the Levo System is specifically designed for use during sleep when the brain is especially responsive to habituation
Individualized sound therapy based on patient’s unique sound match
Tracks patient use and response to therapy using the built-in assessment tool