Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit & What to Expect

Knowing what to expect at your Levo System appointment will set you at ease and help you work with the audiologist to find optimal solutions for your tinnitus.

Before Your First Visit

To ensure your appointment goes smoothly and your tinnitus starts getting the attention it requires, it’s helpful to understand what the visit will be like, what documents to bring, payment options, and more.

Documentation to Bring

Arriving for your appointment armed with health and insurance information is important.

Your insurance details let the hearing center know the nature and extent of your coverage. Depending upon your policy, you may be responsible for some portion of the testing fee, appointments, and Levo System.

If you have results from another recent hearing test, you should take them with you to your appointment. The additional insight they provide can further assist your doctor to evaluate your current situation and determine the best next steps for you.

Financial Considerations

Most insurance policies cover some or all of the costs associated with the diagnostic testing. However, the Levo System device will likely be an out-of-pocket expense.

While each hearing center has its own policies and practices, some offer financing (through companies like CareCredit or Allegro). Because payments are handled through Levo System providers, you’ll need to work financing out directly with the provider.

You should be able to get information relating to the provider’s insurance acceptance, costs, financing options, payment plans, etc. prior to your visit.

During Your Initial Consultation

Your first appointment is all about assessing your present health and hearing status. As such, most Levo System providers will conduct a tinnitus/audiological evaluation in this visit.

Your Tinnitus Assessment

The doctor will probably include the following in the course of your examination:

  • Case history. This provides a more comprehensive picture of your hearing loss, description of and experience with tinnitus, family history, etc. to the audiologist.
  • Questionnaire. The Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) survey is a standardized quality of life appraisal tool used by doctors to help determine how severely tinnitus is affecting your day-to-day activities and existence.
  • Physical examination. Your doctor will inspect your ears for signs of injury, damage, or other contributing factors to your tinnitus.
  • Diagnostic evaluation. You’ll do a hearing test and Tinnitus Sound Match (on a Levo Manager Device) to gauge your starting point.

You can expect your first appointment to take about 45 to 60 minutes.

Starting Therapy Sooner

If your audiologist determines that the Levo System is the right treatment for you, and their office has a device in stock for you, you may also be fitted with your system at the end of your initial visit.

After Your Appointment

More likely, the hearing center will order a Levo System for you. It usually takes about a week for the device to be delivered to your provider’s office.

Getting Fitted for Your Levo System

You’ll need to book a fitting appointment for about 10 days out. This allows enough time for your device to arrive at your doctor’s office.

During the fitting session, your Levo Provider will refine your Sound Match, then transfer your personalized sound therapy onto your Levo patient device. 

The Levo System — What to Expect Next

Once outfitted with your Levo System, you can begin your tinnitus sound therapy with the device.

Your audiologist will demonstrate how to use the Levo System during your fitting appointment. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice turning the therapy on and off prior to leaving.

Your Levo System comes with instructions for use (IFU). If you ever have additional questions, your doctor (the one who prescribed your device) is your primary contact. And, of course, you’re welcome to contact Levo Medical for assistance as well.

Follow-Up Appointments

Your care team wants to make sure you’re staying on track and getting the best results possible — which is why you can expect a series of periodic follow-up visits.

These check-ins are typically scheduled:

  • After 1 week. Phone call with Levo Provider (15 minutes)
  • After 1 and 3 months. In-person visit (30 minutes)
  • As needed. e.g., Virtual or in-person appointment every 6-12 months

These follow-up visits are a chance to ask questions, address any concerns you may have, assess progress, and adjust your treatment plan.

Get Relief with the Levo System

Now that you know what to expect, it’s a perfect time to start planning for your visit. The first step is finding a qualified hearing specialist near you and scheduling your first appointment.

Soon, you can be addressing your tinnitus and regaining quality of life with your own Levo System.